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Atlanta (GA) Atlanta Technology Angels
Atlanta Technology Angels members invest in technology companies located in Atlanta, GA. Typical investments range between $250,000 and $1,000,000.
(), Africa VC4A (Venture Capital for Africa)
Through VC4A African entrepreneurs can raise capital or find mentors for ventures in various sectors.
(), United Kingdom Angels Den
Angels Den is an international angel-led crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs with angel investors. Angels Den considers SMEs with some trading history or a strong patent. The minimum deal size is GBP 50,000.
(), Australia Startmate
Startmate supports Australian companies that solve a clear customer problem with capital up to AUD 150,000. These companies should operate primarily in a web or mobile environment.
(), CRE Venture Capital
CRE Venture Capital invests in technology-enabled companies and supports entrepreneurs with global relationships and experience.
(), United States E3 Angel Network
E3 Angel Network connects angel investors with entrepreneurs in the U.S.. Aside from capital, E3 Angel Network provides dedicated mentorship to startups with a clear product and a strong management team.
1 San Francisco (CA), United States Entrepreneurs Summit 2016
The 4th Annual Entrepreneurs Summit, Massive Growth Markets is a unique chance to meet investors in San Francisco. The Entrepreneurs Summit welcomes local and international entrepreneurs who are interested in building relationships in Silicon Valley.
Albuquerque (NM), United States New Mexico Angels
New Mexico Angels invests in companies located in New Mexico that have an unfair advantage, such as patented or proprietary technologies or processes, and the capability of penetrating or creating global markets.
Altadena (CA), United States Pasadena Angels
Pasadena Angels invests in companies with a proof of concept and a large market opportunity in a wide variety of industries in Southern California.
Anchorage (AK), United States Alaska InvestNet
Alaska InvestNet prefers to invest in first-of-its-kind new ideas, but avoids science projects that don't demonstrate a clear path to commercialization. Typical investments range between $25,000 and $100,000 per individual transaction, and from $250,000 to $750,000 as a group.
Asheville (NC), United States Blue Ridge Angel Investor Network
Blue Ridge Angel Investor Network prefers to invest in first-of-a-kind new ideas, rather than incremental enhancements to existing products and services.
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